Implementation of new Regulation

Complying with all the new regulations can be daunting and it may be difficult to get it right in the first attempt. Often regulatory requirements stand in the way of commercial considerations and this may well lead to a situation where some hard choices are necessary.

But much of the new regulation is a late reaction to the financial crisis of 10 years ago and the purposes are rather clear: to increase transparency regarding prices, charges and risk as well as to make it clear where the responsibility lies in case of losses or disputes.

At the same time, the demands for good corporate governance has increased exponentially, as the boards of companies are required to get involved in setting parameters for compliance and risk management.

Origo Advisory Services cannot make the regulation go away nor point out ways to circumvent the requirements. But we can help create a detailed overview of all the ways it influences your business.

We can help with MiFID 2 in respect of investment advice, discretionary management as well as with the use of pre-packaged products in the process of advising clients. We have already quite some experience with implementing the PRIIPs regulation and in particular with the interface of this regulation and the MiFID 2. Implementation of the PRIIPs for UCITS has been postponed and will likely see some changes before the deadline. New Benchmark regulation creates trouble for several asset managers, who need to review their use of benchmarks.

We are ready to make an analysis of the situation of your company, to create an overview of the major gaps in the existing setup and to give you practical advice on how to move forward in a way that suits your business needs.