Setting up a fund in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is Europe’s #1 domicile for investment funds. The country prides itself in a quick and efficient introduction of EU directives into local law and an efficient, yet business minded supervisory control.

Creating an investment fund consists in much more than just creating the constitutive documents and creating the structure.

Every investment funds must issue a prospectus or an offering document containing crucial information regarding the investment strategy and diversification of risks.

In order to get the fund up and running, service providers must be identified, and agreements with them must be negotiated and concluded.

Services are provided by custodian bank, central administrator, transfer agency, domiciliation agent, and auditor. Trade flows must be established and tested, legal reporting must be verified, where applicable tax calculation must be controlled; subscription and redemption flows must be tested and confirmed.

In case where several service providers are involved, operating memoranda must be established in order to ensure the smooth functioning, and finally, in case something does go wrong, the problems must be resolved at the shortest possible delay.

Origo Advisory Services offer assistance in coordinating the process of setting up a fund structure.