All partners and associates have throughout their respective careers worked in an international, multicultural and multilingual environment. Between us, we master 7 European languages.

Kim Asger OLSEN

Mobile: +352 621 151 651

Having worked for some years in academia, Kim joined Danish bank Privatbanken (Now Nordea Bank) in 1987, first as an economist and later as a market strategist.

He transferred to Luxembourg in 1990, where he specialised in developing products and strategies for high net worth clients. Among other things he worked with the development of systematic volatility-based investment strategies.

From 1992 he headed the Fund Management unit while also managing two investment funds investing in global bonds. In 2004 he took the position of Managing Director in Nordea Investment Funds S.A. He built up a unit managing equities globally based on a value concept. He also drove the launch of a hedge fund structure.

In 2007 he joined Danish asset management firm BankInvest and founded a fund distribution company marketing investment funds across Europe. He studied economics in Denmark, Italy, and France. He is esteemed as a speaker and has given literally 100s of seminars and presentations worldwide. He brings experience in international economics and in company management to Origo Advisory Services.


Mobile: +352 621 298 774

Frank began his career in the financial markets in 1984 and quickly advanced to a position as a strategist in the proprietary trading, followed by a position as a Relationship Manager for institutional clients.

In December 1991 he relocated to Luxembourg where he joined the Treasury Department of a large Nordic financial institution. He was appointed Chief Strategist and specialised in developing investment strategies and asset allocation for high net worth clients as well as for the Treasury Department.

Frank holds a BA in Engineering from Denmark‚ Technical University and his mathematical background focuses on risk versus return as well as continued development of various market models.