About us

There is no shortage of specialists who offer services when it comes to setting up funds, writing risk management procedures, distributing funds, you name it. But very few of these experts actually have an in-depth background in the financial markets.

They have not been investing a portfolio, they have not had to face a room full of sceptical investors. They have never been the ones to make sure that the initial investment in a newly launched fund actually was available on the right account on the right value date.

They have not been the ones to adjust a portfolio deemed too risky or made the decision about how much to pay out in dividend. They also lack experience in currency hedging and writing put options against a share held in the portfolio.

So while we obviously respect the professional competences of these good people, we are convinced that they are still missing something: experience in handling an investment portfolio on behalf of an investor.

Our unique quality is that we have been there, done it and got the t-shirt. Through the years we have handled a very diverse portfolio of assignments on behalf of our clients, all based on our experience from our careers in the financial sector.

We mention a few,

  • Setting up distribution of a UCITS in several countries simultaneousl
  • Launch of AIF’s
  • Risk Management Procedures for AIFs
  • Independent directorships
  • Advising family offices in the selection of asset managers.

Our resources currently consists of three consultants, one junior consultant and support staff.