About us

Where we come from and what we believe in

Our history started as a spin-off from an asset management company back in 2011.

Our raison d’être is that we can make life easier for our clients. We summarise our thinking in four simple statements:

We assist professional and large private investors in their business within our fields of expertise, helping them to future-proof their operation

We offer solutions tailor-made to fit the needs of our clients

We improve the long-term return of our clients

We are investment professionals in our own right

To help achieve your goals our principles are the following

Advice must be practical

No two jobs are the same

Who needs an ego?

Everything we do must add value

Like everybody else, we love PowerPoints. But you will not feel that we really help you unless we provide practical advice you can use straight away. We are strategic thinkers who focus on solutions that immediately benefit your business.

What is right for your business is unique – just like your business. We are good at combining the proven and the innovative to solve your particular challenges.

We work well as a team because we like what we do and because we are humble in the face of the problems you have asked us to help with.

There are no egos involved, we share knowledge and believe good ideas can come from anywhere. We are genuinely excited by the challenges our clients set us.

In times of unprecedented change, it’s easy to do something for the sake of it or because everyone else is doing it. If we can’t see how it adds value to your business, we’ll tell you.

Companies in the financial sector are caught in the crosswinds of shrinking margins, rapid consolidation, ever more complicated regulation and technological transformation.


is to help you make the most of the opportunities in a rapidly changing industry.


in key aspects of asset management will help your business to excel in a tough business environment.