Terms of Use

You know the drill, this is the legal small print we’re obliged to write and which is normally written in font size 4.

 As we feel a bit rebellious against industry standards also on this issue, we have opted for font size 9. Happy reading

The www.origo.lu website is designed solely to provide information, with the aim of presenting the advisory business of Origo Advisory Services SàrL (in the following referred to as “OAS” or “We”). All of the information stated on the site is provided by way of indication only. It is not a transactional site.

The information on the site comes from sources considered reliable, but OAS does not, however, guarantee the accuracy, precision, relevance, completeness or timeliness. We cannot incur any legal or contractual liability for any direct or indirect damage incurred by a third party and which results from access, consultation or use of the information provided on the site.

Any parts of the information provided may be modified without notice by OAS.

The information published on this website may not, under any circumstances, be assimilated to an offer of products or services comparable to a public offering or to any other sales canvassing activity or solicitation to buy or sell any investment product.

The information featured on the site is not designed to be used by any individual or entity in a country or jurisdiction where such use might be contrary to statutory or regulatory provisions, or which could require OAS to comply with the registration obligations in those countries. Not all products or services may be registered or authorised in all countries or be available to all customers.

The official language for the site is English. The site is subject to Luxembourg law and the jurisdictions in Luxembourg

After obtaining the agreement of OAS in advance, placing a hypertext link is possible for all websites, excluding those posting information of a controversial, pornographic or xenophobic nature, or which may, to a greater extent, adversely affect the sensibilities of the majority of people.


Under no circumstances may the pages of the www.origo.lu website be incorporated into the pages of another site.

The entirety of this website is the property of OAS.

The databases developed are the exclusive property of OAS. The databases are protected by the intellectual property laws and copyright laws in effect.

The content of this site is protected by the laws regarding intellectual property law and copyright.

Any unauthorised reproduction or distribution of the information from this site is forbidden. The content is available for private and non-collective use.

Users of the site undertake to abide by the intellectual property rules that apply to the miscellaneous content featured on the site, i.e.

  • Not to reproduce, summarise, modify, alter or redistribute, without obtaining prior consent from Origo Advisory Services SàrL, any article, heading, application, software, logo, brand, information, illustration or photograph for other than strictly private use. This excludes any usage reproduction for professional purposes or mass distribution without prior consent.
  • Not to create any links without prior consent.

The OAS website redirects the user to third-party sites.

Accessing these links takes the user away from this website. The target sites are not controlled by Origo Advisory Services SàrL As a result, we are not liable for the content of these sites, nor for the links they contain or for any changes and updates that may be made to them.