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On German websites it is mandatory that the company behind provides certain information. We find this a very good idea. But where does the word “Impressum” come from? The English translation is “Imprint”.

Here is the German explanation: Vermerk über Verleger[in], Drucker[in], auch Redaktionen u. a. in Büchern, Zeitungen und Zeitschriften

Origo Consulting is a trade name of Origo Advisory Services SàrL (OAS).

The company has its registered address at 29, Bd Prince Henri, L-1724 Luxembourg, GD Luxembourg.

Phone +352 2040 1210


OAS was established on 2 Feb 2011 and is registered with the Ministère des Classes Moyennes with authorisation number 10013171/0 and the purpose of the company is to provide economic advice.

OAS is registered in the Luxembourg Business Register under number B158851

The business license is held by Kim Asger Olsen, Managing Partner.

OAS has TVA number LU24830079

Our Banking partner is Banque Internationale à Luxembourg.

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Copyrights to all publications and other texts and graphics on this website belong to OAS. The “insights” may be reproduced without royalty, on condition that Origo Consulting or Origo Advisory Services SàrL listed as sources.