Sustainable Risk Management

A new big area for risk managers

Integration of Sustainability Risk Management into the risk management process became mandatory on 1 August 2022.

The regulation covers all funds, not only those reporting under Article 8 or 9 of the SFDR


ManCo/AIFMs and their UCITS and AIFs – including “sub-threshold AIFs” are required to comply.

If you are surprised to hear this, you are probably already late in beginning the process of complying with article 6 of the SFDR.

We can help you in the following ways:

Gap analysis of your

  • Risk Management Framework
  • Road towards compliance of your organisation in a broader sense

Practical advice in:

  • Adapting your Risk Management Framework, including the adaptation of your Risk Appetite Statement and your Risk Assessment Method
  • identifying and analysing Sustainability factors and transmission channels for UCITS funds
  • Templates for Sustainability Risk reporting from investee companies and property managers for PE and RE AIFs
  • Selection of data providers
  • If you have delegated portfolio managers, analysis of their ESG risk profile and their way of integrating ESG risks

Review of all documents that need to be adapted as a consequence of the integration of sustainability risk.

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