SWM (logbook)


31.08.2023 Portfolio rebalancing (underweight stocks(increase inverses etf), underweight bonds)
31.08.2023 ORIGO September 2023 (rates higher for longer, China stagnation)

31.07.2023 Portfolio rebalancing (reduce equities, adding inverse equities)
31.07.2023 ORIGO August 2023 (rates higher for longer, and China stagnation)

30.06.2023 Portfolio rebalancing (cash to zero, GEM ex-China stocks increased)
30.06.2023 ORIGO July 2023 (policy rates higher for longer, unchanged)

31.05.2023 Portfolio rebalancing (bonds trimmed, stocks & Basis increased)
31.05.2023 ORIGO June 2023 (policy rates higher for longer, unchanged)

28.04.2023 Portfolio rebalancing (cash trimmed, Basis increased, IG overweight)
28.04.2023 ORIGO May 2023 (policy rates higher for longer, unchanged)

28.03.2023 Portfolio rebalancing (high yield reduced, cash increased)
28.03.2023 ORIGO April 2023 (activity lose momentum, core inflation still too high)

28.02.2023 Portfolio rebalancing (trimmed cash, increased bonds)
28.02.2023 ORIGO March 2023 (activity and inflation, still too hot)

31.01.2023 Portfolio rebalancing (trimmed stocks, increased credit)
31.01.2023 ORIGO February 2023 (rates still higher for longer)


30.12.2022 Portfolio rebalancing (preference for credit)
30.12.2022 ORIGO January 2023 (reduced underweight across the primary assets)

30.11.2022 “Origo Outlook” (internal update)
30.11.2022 Portfolio rebalancing (EMB swap for more HY)
30.11.2022 ORIGO December 2022 (markets vs fundamentals divergence)

14.11.2022 Portfolio rebalancing (reduced cash, more HY)

31.10.2022 Portfolio rebalancing (risk assets trimmed into EMB)
31.10.2022 ORIGO October 2022 (rates still higher for longer)

30.09.2022 Portfolio rebalancing (reduced cash, increased EQ)
30.09.2022 ORIGO October 2022 (towards a global recession)

20.09.2022 “A house of cards?” (blog)

31.08.2022 Portfolio rebalancing
31.08.2022 ORIGO September 2022 (rates higher for longer)

31.07.2022 Portfolio rebalancing
31.07.2022 ORIGO August 2022 (asset divergence break point)

30.06.2022 ORIGO July 2022 (stagflation risk abating)

31.05.2022 Portfolio rebalancing
31.05.2022 ORIGO June 2022 (peak inflation growth)

29.05.2022 “Crypto winter is coming” (blog)

30.04.2022 Portfolio rebalancing
30.04.2022 ORIGO May 2022 (uncertainty trigger higher risk premia)

04.04.2022 Portfolio rebalancing
04.04.2022 ORIGO April 2022 (inflation is still not under control)

04.03.2022 ORIGO March 2022 (war in Europe will not hold back central bank tightening)

25.02.2022 “Is your pension fund at risk of blowing up your savings?” (blog)

01.02.2022 Portfolio rebalancing
01.02.2022 ORIGO February 2022 (balancing short- and long-term horison)

24.01.2022 “An invisible portfolio risk” (blog)

21.01.2022 “The Covid-19 end game?” (blog)

03.01.2022 Portfolio rebalancing
03.01.2022 ORIGO January 2022 (centralbanks to commence tightening cycle)


03.12.2021 Portfolio rebalancing
03.12.2021 ORIGO December 2021 (portfolio neutral to benchmark)

03.11.2021 ORIGO November 2021 (portfolio neutral to benchmark)

24.09.2021 OPRA indicator update (risk underweight)

23.09.2021 ORIGO September 2021 (risk reduction towards portfolio benchmark)

24.08.2021 “The setup for investors” (blog)

29.04.2021 ARA update (risk allocation increase)

09.04.2021 ORIGO ARA, 2nd group demo. (“ARA explained”)

26.02.2021 “Cry wolf” (blog, interest rates&inflation theme)


03.11.2020 ARA update (risk allocation increase)

24.09.2020 “Global monetary policy has changed” (blog, interest rates&inflation theme)

17.08.2020 “A sector rotation is building” (blog)

26.04.2020 “The safety net is in place” (blog)

23.01.2020 “US Treasury rally” (blog)